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What is a
Parent and Family Coach

A Parent and Family Coach is someone who works with families to help them create:

  • a more balanced life
  • a less stressful home environment
  • goals for their family to achieve a happy and satisfying home life
  • appropriate boundaries for children
  • a wide array of tools for parenting
  • a clear vision of the values they wish to teach their children

A Parent and Family Coach also helps families to deal with other issues that impact the family such as:

  • Mothers re-entering the workforce
  • Difficult relationships with In-laws
  • New baby entering the family
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Overscheduled kids and parents
  • Identity issues of going from career woman to full-time mom
  • Nurturing the nurturers - Mom and Dad taking good care of themselves
  • Impact of societal issues on kids - i.e., terrorism, violence in the media...
  • The changes within marriage after children enter the family

As a Parent and Family Coach, I teach parents how to:

  • Teach their kids good sleep habits
  • Set firm, loving limits with their kids
  • Model & demand respectful behavior for their kids
  • Create structure for their kids around homework
  • Reduce sibling rivalry
  • Help kids make good choices
  • Avoid over-indulgence with their kids
  • Understand their child's developmental stage
  • Identify and understand each family member's role within the family
  • Reduce stress by simplifying their schedules
  • Educate their children about the importance of good hygiene
  • Help their kids identify and express their feelings
  • Show their kids the importance of giving to their community
  • Utilize their resources to get the support they need
  • Create a happy and balanced family life 

...and much, much more!

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