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August, 2015 - Mirror Mirror...Newsletter

Balanced Parenting
with Bette Alkazian


Our Kids Are Little Mirrors?

We often hear that parenting is the hardest job in the world.  For so many reasons, of course.  One of the hardest parts of the job is when our kids remind us of someone with whom we have a challenging relationship or worse – the worst part of ourselves – and we struggle to know how to deal with them.  How can I be the model parent when every hot button I have is being pushed?  As parents, we take every word and every action personally and our coping skills go out the window along with all rationality.  We find ourselves yelling and saying things we know we shouldn’t say and then feeling bad about it later.  Who’s been there?  I know I have! (Raising my hand)

Our kids are little mirrors of the worst parts of our selves.  What are we supposed to do in those moments when the tops of our heads are blowing off; they just won’t listen or they just won’t stop being annoying…defiant…stubborn…and acting just like us!?

That’s where the hard work of parenting comes in!  

  • Our work is to stay calm and to be patient when our kids are just doing THEIR jobs of testing the limits and well, being kids.  
  • We have to remember not to take their behavior personally.  They are not TRYING to make our heads blow off even though it seems as though they are.  
  • They are learning all the time from our responses and reactions.  They are learning from us how to tolerate frustration.  They are watching and taking it all in. 
  • The greatest thing they can learn during these especially difficult moments is how to be vulnerable.  If we can model for them an awareness that we see ourselves in their behavior and that we are doing our own best every day to learn and to grow and to be self-aware, they, too will learn and grow and be self-aware.  Plus, that vulnerability leads to greater connectedness in our relationships with them.  Don’t miss this beautiful opportunity!
Wishing you balance,
Bette Alkazian, LMFT
Balanced Parenting

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